The Glendora Difference

No Core Fees

Send us your Rolls-Royce or Bentley water pump. We will rebuild it and send it back to you. Simple as that.

This method of dealing with a faulty water pump provides two major advantages: Firstly, the amount of money you’ll pay at the time of purchase is much less than our competitor’s require (usually by hundreds of dollars) because we do not require a core deposit. Secondly, you’ll have no worry that your new pump is going to fit perfectly. Even when providing a chassis number, occasionally off-the-shelf pumps can yield unexpected surprises when it comes time to install. For example: The Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit/Spur models utilized four slightly different pump designs and often implemented at random points in the production schedules. They all look the same, but are indeed very different.

Shipping Made Easy

When your rebuild order is received we will immediately send a shipping box to you. The box will contain foam cushioning specific for your pump design, along with a prepaid shipping label. Simply place your old water pump in the box, tape it closed, stick on the prepaid shipping label and drop it off at your local US Post Office. We’ll even supply the tape. It’s that easy.


We rebuild each pump one-at-a-time with a devout commitment to preserving the dying art of genuine hand-craftsmanship.

Mass production rebuilding is for common cars. A Rolls is anything but common.
— Pat Realyvasquez, Partner

Rebuild Packages & New Pumps

Choices to meet your need.


V8 Rebuild Kits

6-Cylinder kits coming soon!